Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's up with: Women's Soccer Event-Marketing?

All right, I'm from Germany and before you say something crazy or complain about my really bad English grammar, let me tell you about our own crazy-tongued poeple here - and no, I'm not talking about Nazis; at least not for the moment

We are really nuts about soccer. I mean really, really nuts. Maybe the whole European continent is. But Germany is a bit of a special case: You see, because of the war and the evil past we had to endure (and no, I'm not denying anything, we were a nation of mass-murderers, it was very, very bad and we know it) - because of all that: we can't be happy or proud for our country anymore. We can't salute the flag or say anything even mildly positive about our own nation and you will probably say: that's a good thing and what we deserve - and I would even admit that's maybe correct.

But there's a problem: Big sporting events like soccer can serve as an excuse to undermine that introverted behavior. It's an excuse to win and be proud of it without the constant fear to earn a bad reputation. And because it's a one time every 2-4 year thing within an expiring time period it's okay, I guess. Everybody has a little bit fun, can celebrate and drink (the real important thing here) and goes home afterwards No harm done.

The real problem is simply the media, that pushes these events to maximize their earnings. And even if there isn't an event in that the people are really interested in, they set something in motion.

In this case: The 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup

And don't get me wrong, please!
My predicament with all this doesn't have anything to do with Women's soccer per se. I'm pro feminism and I know we have a good team and the home-field adventage, but seriously: nobody over here seems to care.
But the media can't have this, so they have to push and push it with stupid articles in the newspapers, uninteresting interviews in every corner and full-body photos on the front page; the whole deal. An maybe it's just me who doesn't get it.

At the time I'm writing this the World Cup is over. Japan won against the USA. I didn't saw the game and I don't anyone who did. I think many Germans did neither, because we lost against the japanese team early and that's normally the last point that stops all euphoria.

And I want to congratulate Japan for winning the cup. It's a really great thing.

But I don't think anybody would give a shit about it, if the media here hadn't tried to hype it that much.
Maybe I overstate the situation a little bit, maybe it's a good thing that the event got a bit of exposure, even it's just for selling more useless stuff. Maybe there isn't such a thing like bad press.


  1. women's sports seem interesting.

  2. living in US we don't really hype up soccer as much as around the world, i wish we did

  3. I've never seen anyone as mental about football as the English, but I've never been to Germany. People did watch and enjoy the womens wc here, and it wasn't advertised at all really. I think we will watch any random match if proper footy is involved. :)

  4. watching the euphoria in germany was great.
    man football wm = the whole country was like a big football stadium
    woman football wm = sitting infront of the tv and say "yeah"

  5. I'd all games of this cup on DVD. I do LOVE soccer.

  6. really interesting stuff! + following and supporting

  7. I was stoked for the Japanese women's team...

    They played a damn fine game and deserved a win of the extraordinary magnitude.